Thursday, February 14, 2008

Five weeks (ish) to go

Dozybean is becoming increasingly bulbous as Small Blurry Baby does its thing and hangs around upside-down within. She's seen above looking elegant and blooming upon her favourite seat of the moment, the blow-up ball she got for Christmas. A fine recommendation for a present from The Millbrooker-Sis, Teresa. Mind you, she should know what she's talking about on these matters being a midwife by profession.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I paid YarMatt and Dozybean a visit yesterday; we found the small but perfectly formed father-to-be practising his hide-and-seek technique in the almost finished new kitchen. As can be seen, more practice will be required to reach the generally accepted standard; I spotted him immediately:
The point of the visit, apart from simply being sociable and slurping cups of tea, was to deliver the stand part of a cradle that has been in the family for a while. Nigel and Mrs The Millbrooker (who wasn't Mrs The Millbrooker then) bought a lovely old cradle many moons ago which the later two of their brood used in infancy. As with so many things it got stored in a cellar and then a loft, lost its lustre and then got trodden on (oops, that was me). Nigel has spent quite a bit of time restoring it excellently to its former glory and Mrs The Millbrooker spruced up the stand, the results of which are seen below:Those who are about to sprog now have the use of a piece of family history for their pink and wrinkly thing(s) to squirm about in and the (probably) pre-Victorian rocking device will be handed on to Rob or Lizzie as and if they decide to drop one.

There's a small photo set of the visit on the link "complete photo sets", it'll be horribly boring for non-family members (but you're welcome to take a peek anyway).

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