Saturday, March 22, 2008

Arnold's Linhay...and update

Chris Arnold has sent me the truth about his Linhay in an email...

"That was my shed on Exmoor. It was originally intended to have a front, but one cold, windy, wet night the front blew off. The lodgers complained that their one & only room, in which they slept, cooked & did everything was very cold with only three walls. But I, being a mean & despicable, capitalist landlord, refused to put another wall on & the whole family died of hypothermia.

I didn't know what to do with it after that so I put up a sign, pointing to it, in the hopes that tourists, such as yourselves, would pay a pound or two to take a look at my three sided shed. But the trouble with only having three walls is that they are not very stable &, on another windy, cold, wet night, the whole shed blew down.

I still own the freehold for six square feet of Exmoor & am considering asking for rent from all walkers who walk across it. Unfortunately someone put a rope bridge across it, so I can't make this my next wheeze to make my fortune.

Its such a pain being a despicable, nasty, avaricious man, I think I might become nice, generous & welcoming."

So there you have it, The Daily(ish) Millbrook - informative as ever. Thanks for the message, Chris.

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