Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cheers, Sis

Here's the Millbrooker clan toasting The Millbrooker-Sis who kindly sponsored a meal out for us all as a Christmas present. A short while before Christmas I opened an envelope which contained a photo of the D&C and a "voucher" which said it was worth £100 already deposited behind the bar. This was the main family Christmas present from Teresa. The present made me very happy.

On Saturday just gone, we finally managed to gather everyone together to spend the magnificent sum (and a wee bit extra of our own) on a slap up lunch and a pint or three. Dozybean managed to stuff herself silly despite having relatively little room left with Small Blurry Baby filling large amounts of space below her ribcage: As can be noted from the photo above, Lizzie finds Dozybean's currently enormous knockers quite fascinating.

The menfolk all plumped for a man-sized feast: The D&C Mixed Grill, a new addition to their menu which is a bit of a belly buster. It comprises 6oz rump steak, 6oz gammon steak, two sausages, two eggs, onion rings, peas, chips and a grilled tomato. Here's YarMatt and yours truly about to tuck in: Mrs The Millbrooker and Dozybean were a tad more circumspect in their consumption; Lizzie was positively parsimonious in hers. Never mind - all the more for us!

We repaired to Millbrooker Towers in need of tummy rubbing to help the food go down, but instead of that we were entertained by Rob who plinked away on The Coolest Instrument On Earth:

Thank you, Sis. We had a great time at your expense - what a brilliant idea for a Christmas present.

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