Monday, March 24, 2008

Discovering Duloe

Well, actually we only discovered one very small corner of Duloe. Rosemary has upped sticks from East Looe to take up stately residence in the little Cornish village of Duloe, hidden away 'twixt Looe and Liskeard in lovely countryside.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I invited ourselves over to have a good old nose around Rosemary's new abode and were treated to a yummity Sunday lunch as well. In the shot below Rosemary is seen holding court in the living room of her barn conversion along with Rob (who also invited himself when he heard a free lunch was involved), Harry has his back to the camera (never fret, Harry fans - he'll appear in all his glory in a later photo) and Penny (Rosemary's baby) makes her blog debut looking very relaxed on the reclining sofa considering she's now joined the z-list elite of the Daily(ish) Millbrook.

Rob entertained the assembled throng with his holiday snaps from Canada on Mrs The Millbrooker's laptop. Seen below L to R: Steve (Penny's other half), Harry (still obscured), Rob, Penny and Rosemary.
So, at last we come to the money shot of this posting, Harry "Ukulele" Barnett has invested in a new instrument that he was keen to show off. It is a lovely piece of kit and, once tuned to perfection using my little magic tuning box, gave us minutes of entertainment. Here's the man himself crooning The Wurzels' "Combine Harvester" whilst accompanying himself on the beautiful little jumping flea.

We're looking forward to discovering more of the little village of Duloe (I note it sports a decent looking pub called Ye Old Plough House) and to eating more of Rosemary's yummy home cooking.

As always, a big thank you to our host - we enjoyed our visit hugely and hope we'll be allowed back in the not-too-distant future.

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