Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An empty gesture

I hear on the news this morning that the rather ridiculous Lord Goldsmith (seen here on the left sporting his favourite pyjamas) has put forward a series of proposals for consideration by the PM that include a suggestion for an "oath of allegiance" to the crown for school children.

I'm pretty certain that even the twonks currently in charge of the country will reject this one. Does Lord Goldsmith really think that there's not a strong republican strain of thought? Frankly I'd have enough of a problem swearing allegiance to a country from which I am becoming increasingly alienated, let alone to an outdated undemocratic and laughable system of state. I certainly wouldn't allow a child of mine (should I have ever bred) to utter such drivel in a quasi-patriotic ceremony.

What next? A suggestion for serious debate that every household should fly a union jack and salute the bloody thing each morning? Who the hell does Goldsmith think he is?

I can't help but feel that Goldsmith and his chums in the current government are running rapidly out of real ideas and are throwing almost anything into the public arena in the hope of finding any idea at all which might prop them up for another few years.

(image of Queen Elizabeth II by Andy Warhol)


Rob Hopcott said...

One of my most toe curling experiences is to see olympic athletes standing on the podium looking like the wonderful superbeings they are.

Then the band plays God Save the Queen :-(

The anthem should be cherishing their effort, their industry and their determination but instead it's going on about somebody who inherited their job through parents.

To me, it sucks ...

The Millbrooker said...

Thanks for the comment, Rob.I'm pleased and flattwered that you're still reading my (mostly) inconsequential stuff. Couldn;t agree more about the playing of the anthem. I have no Scottish connections, but surely "Flower of Scotland" better sums up what sporting national pride should be?