Thursday, March 13, 2008

Momentous election in Millbrook

Last night saw the first formal meeting of the new Traffic & Transport Soviet which will endlessly debate and write letters about traffic and transport (no shit, Sherlock) on behalf of the Parish Council.

First things first: we needed to elect a chairman whose job it will be to try to contain the rampant enthusiasm of any members of the new soviet and keep meetings as brief as possible and any debate to the point. That'll be yours truly, then.

Thanks to no nomination whatsoever from Councillor "Comb-Over" Meeson, The Millbrooker was unanimously elected to the chair and from now on will require that all lesser citizens of the independent republic of Millbrook address him with due deference and respect. Councillor Meeson took this message on board immediately after the meeting as a jolly decent pint or two got downed at the D&C:
Watch out for the next exciting instalment of traffic & transport news from the very nerve centre of Millbrookian political life, where every day we plot to overthrow the capitalist state, work towards creating a workers' paradise, discuss amendments to bus timetables and press for the resurfacing of village roads. Some of the previous statement might not be entirely true.

Richie "comb-over" Meeson thought he'd better have a photo that shows him in a better light than the one above where he's explaining that two buses could serve the village better than one. Luckily Mrs The Millbrooker was on hand with camera as we failed entirely to discuss the quality of grit available to road resurfacing teams to much general hilarity: The actual minutes from said meeting will soon be available for public consumption in the window of the Parish Clerk's office at the Village Hall for anyone desperate for something to read.

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