Friday, March 07, 2008

Favourite old drummer jokes revisited part one

Seeing Shaun of the Land Registry's drummer-like pose made me want to revisit a couple of old favourites...
What do you call those people who like to hang around with musicians? Drummers.
A drummer went into a shop, walked up to the counter and said
" I'd like a nice new Gibson Les Paul 1952 copy in sunburst please."
The man behind the counter said
"You're a drummer aren't you? You can't really want a guitar."
The drummer denied everything.
"No, I'm a guitarist and I'd like a Gibson Les Paul 1952 copy in sunburst colours please. And some plectrums."
The shopkeeper shook his head.
"You're a drummer, there's no point hiding it."
The drummer hung his head and mumbled
"How did you know?"
The shopkeeper said
"This is a fish and chip shop, sir."

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