Thursday, March 06, 2008

Readers' Requests

I haven't done a request spot before. Mainly because no one's ever asked. But today we have a special guest appearance of a non-Millbrookian whom I've never met but have been asked to be rude about. Shaun of the Land Registry (Shaun of the that the same thing?) has been celebrating his tenth birthday in some style at a desk tastefully decorated by our own z-lister Auntie Shazzerooneypoos. He's only ten because after making an early life-choice error he was born on 29th Feb. Hence he gets to enter his fifth decade in pre-pubescent mode. Well done, sir.

Young Shaun is seen above in the classic "am-I-dribbling-from-both-sides-of-my-mouth?" pose; I suspect from this that he may be a drummer when not chained to the desk at his day job. As in, "What does it mean if the drummer's dribbling from both sides of his mouth?" Answer: "The stage is level". Memo to self: tell more drummer jokes.

From the photo it is possible to tell that Shaun has mastered the long forgotten art of growing a small friend from his left shoulder (last seen successfully done by Richard E Grant in "How To Get Ahead In Advertising"). This is no small skill and requires minutes of patience and lots of careful watering. Congratulations to Shaun for achieving a mastery of the art at such a young age.

Little Lush Lewis tells me that Shaun manfully skived off work on the 29th itself to avoid lots of terrible jokes about birthdays and piss taking from his colleagues....didn't work did it, mate?

A belated Happy Birthday to Shaun from the Daily(ish) Millbrook. If you're ever here in the centre of the known universe, I'll be honoured to buy you a pint.

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