Monday, March 17, 2008

Lynmouth in the wet

It was a tad damp in Lynmouth last weekend. I'm given to believe that It was a tad damp in most other places as well, but most importantly it was damp in Lynmouth. This is because Mrs The Millbrooker and I were sampling the delights of the North Devon coastal village. And we got wet.

We didn't let it dampen our enthusiasm, though, as we gamely took photos of rain clouds drifting over the Exmoor shoreline from our snug vantage point in The Rising Sun over a pint of very decent Exmoor Fox:

As an interesting piece of local history, The Rising Sun is where Richie "comb-over" Meeson and his lovely wife, Liability, spent their honeymoon around a decade ago when his follicles were more active. To provoke some nostalgia in the Meeson household, here's The Riser:

We stayed at The Village Inn which, like its near neighbour, serves a decent pint (and also has a very good selection of single malts for late in the evening). We had a blow-out meal on the Saturday at The Rock House which I can heartily recommend for one of those nights when the budget isn't too important: the food was top notch and the service spot on. Here's a shot of The Rock House, so you can recognise it should you ever find yourself in Lynmouth and fancying a splendid meal:The main event of the weekend was an excellent (and damp, can you see a theme developing here?) walk up the West Lyn to Watersmeet through the delightful Lyn Valley. The walking was fairly easy and the scenery was well worth the mild soaking we received at frequent intervals along the way. Here's Mrs The Millbrooker looking glamorous at Watersmeet as yet another spattering of the wet stuff began to fall:
And here's me dressed to impress (control yourselves, ladies) in this season's must-have tea-cosy hat and railway issue anorak during a brief hiatus in the deluge:
Needless to say, no visit to Lynton and Lynmouth is complete without a ride or two on the legendary cliff railway. We were on the descent as I took this one: We say "Huzzah" for Lynton and Lynmouth. We had a smashing time and were thrilled to discover a place where house prices are even more ridiculous than in dear old Millbrook.

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