Thursday, March 13, 2008

Off on ollerdee

Mrs The Millbrooker and I are taking a short break holidaying for a couple of nights in Lynton and Lynmouth, so no new posts until at least Sunday night; more likely Monday afternoon.

We're looking forward to riding the famous cliff railway, taking a bracing off-season walk upriver to Watersmeet, slurping some decent ale (oh, quelle surprise) and a day or two of uninterrupted coupledom - a rare commodity in the busy lives we all lead.

This means no film club on Sunday; we'll be back too late and I start a week of getting up at stupid o'clock in the morning on Monday. This, of course, also means no film review which will disappoint my Auntie Jean. I think she likes the film reviews best.

To paraphrase Lionel Bart, "cheerio, we'll be back soon..."

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