Friday, April 25, 2008

Gigspanner news and other stuff

Postings have been few and far between this week. I've been working long(ish) day shifts and been busy on lots of stuff in the evenings, so I just haven't had the time to sit down and produce reams of drivel.

However: one piece of news.

The Gigspanner tickets have arrived at Millbrooker Towers, so some of you lot owe me money.

It's July 04th that we're going and I have tickets for everyone who asked me to get some. You know who you are; the coughing up of a tenner and ten pence per ticket next time I see you will be much appreciated.

The blogger site that I use to publish this stuff has a problem with uploading photos as I write, so the planned posting about Russell and his lovely cooking hasn't happened; this pictureless posting will have to do.

Lastly, I'm off to Exeter this weekend to do an intensive two day course in EFL teaching; to see if I fancy heading off in that career direction as life on the railway begins to pall under dreadful mismanagement. It really is an intensive couple of days, too. Start at 0900 Saturday, finishes 2100 same day; then start again 0900 Sunday, finishing at 1700! That should knacker me out a tad.

Anyway,this means no further blogging until Monday when I start the week on late shifts, so I should be able to jot something or other in the morning. Sadly, it also means no film club this Sunday (Dong and Shazzerooneypoos already know this, one call to Frankenkeith coming up).

Film club is re-scheduled for Wednesday at the usual time, usual place.

Cheers to all for now

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