Monday, April 14, 2008

My thoughtful family

The Millbrooker-step-children went en-masse to Ashburton at the weekend to celebrate their Dad's half century at a posh hotel. Much yummy nosh was consumed, with a few glasses of plonk sluiced down assorted necks as well.

Here's the birthday boy himself flanked by his mum-in-law, Jean, and his youngest offspring, Henry. All looking jolly smart, I must say.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to share with anyone reading this unadulterated nonsense (thanks for keeping on coming back, I do appreciate it) is that Dozybean saw one of Henry's toys and immediately thought of me. She thought of me to the extent of taking a series of photos just for my pleasure (one of which is reproduced below). I'm flattered, if slightly worried that I might be thought of as a bit of a dullard in my interests. Any regular reader, I'm sure will understand, I'm not a spotter: I just take a healthy interest in other people's slightly sad obsessions; it's irony. Honest.

Mind you, the old Stobart livery does bring a ray of sunshine into one's life, no?

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BathNick said...

Be it known that those (generally male) creatures who indulge in the obsessive identification and annotation of sorted and typed inanimate objects e.g. Lorries, Planes, Ships and even Trains are indeed not 'spotters' but 'enthusiasts'. Bernard will tell you. BTW do you still read emails to your googlemail address?