Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This is only possible on 5 days a year

Bernard Mills has sent me another of his terrific photos; this one is at Tamerton Foliot viaduct on the Tamar Valley line (running between Plymouth and Gunnislake): one of the most scenic railway lines in the area.

For only five days each year, in June, the sunset is visible immediately between the piers of the viaduct for three minutes.

So there are just fifteen minutes a year during which it is possible to take a shot like this one. Not only does the photographer have to be in the right place at the right time, but the train needs to run on time (as does the one preceding it on the mainline) or the photo doesn't happen. Needless to say not many people have managed to get a shot like this one.

Bern has several; he tells me that in years gone by a friendly word with the train crew could get them to stop on the viaduct and "pose" for the perfect shot! The Tamar Valley branch is out-of-sight-and-out-of-mind to the signallers, so no-one knew what was going on.

Here's that magical sunset shot:

(the image is copyrighted and is owned by Bernard Mills)

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