Friday, April 11, 2008

A New Offering From Bernard Mills

Attention railway fans.

My old mucker Bernard Mills, esteemed fount of all knowledge in matters of railway history (not to mention masses of other local history), has published a new book which I encourage everyone to get a copy of. The front cover is shown above.

If you're railway fan, you'll love it. If you're not a railway fan, then you probably know someone who is and Christmas isn't that far away, you know.

To get an idea of Bernard's work you can click on the link to his photo website on the right of this blogsite.

I've seen an advance copy and it's full to bursting with Bernard's excellent photos of years gone by on the railway. You can order a copy online at, then click on "DTG Sales". It might be possible for me to arrange a signed copy if you'd like; I see Bern on most days.

There is an earlier Bernard Mills tome still available, too. That one is called "Steam Around Plymouth"; the title should give a pretty good idea of what to expect inside the covers. It's available on Amazon. Just type (or copy and paste) Steam Around Plymouth into the Amazon search box on the right of this blog and you'll be taken straight to the page.

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