Thursday, April 03, 2008

Not a good idea

I've been being a bit poorly the last couple of days (a quick visit to the quack has me diagnosed with sinus problems) and have spent too much time indoors feeling sorry for myself. Mrs The Millbrooker was starting to go stir crazy yesterday, so we took a little potter around the lake.

Our route took us up and over Knillcross towards the village after we'd inspected the water for interesting birdlife (not a lot in evidence at present). Shortly after summiting, a very noisy and dangerous looking motorbike wobbled past us; returning a couple of minutes later in the opposite direction.

I know all about youthful high spirits and believe wholeheartedly in removing cotton wool from young peoples' lives, allowing them to make their own mistakes and occasionally get hurt. This, though, was dangerous not only for the riders but for others as well.

The bike is not road legal (no number plate for starters), I'd be shocked if it had an MOT certificate. It's being ridden two up with no rear footpegs. For all I know the rider is underage as well.

All of this adds up to no insurance. Even if the rider or his parents have paid an insurance premium (which I have some trouble in believing) any cover would be instantly invalidated on a non-road legal 'bike ridden on the road.

Should anyone reading know who's on the bike - please have a quiet word, before someone gets hurt. Riding uninsured and illegally is a very silly thing to be doing, not to mention the lack of any protective clothing (helmets excepted).

Doing stupid things is a youthful rite of passage; thoughtlessly endangering others is not.

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