Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tamar Tags

I know I'm a paranoid little beggar. I've tried to get a Tamar Tag but have no intention of giving my name, address or any other form of personal information. What possible use could the ferry operator have for such information?

Needless to say, I've been refused a tag. So the campaign begins. Time to stir up trouble again.
I regard this as a local version of the No2ID campaign - they don't need my personal information in order to accept my money and allow me to travel; they cannot have a legitimate reason for requesting the information except to either sell the database to marketing companies or to track our movements on behalf of goodness knows who. Neither is a decent reason for me to disclose any information whatever.
So far I've fired off a couple of emails, just to see what sort of response I get.

The email to the Joint Committee Chairman and members contains the current main thrust of my argument (the operators have a slightly differently worded version).

Here's the text:

"This email has been copied using BCC to other members of the Joint Committee and councillors present at the meeting of the committee on 29th January 2008.

To the Chair and members of the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry Joint Committee.

I write in concern about the information being demanded in order to obtain a Tamar Tag. I am a frequent user of the Torpoint Ferry and, as paper vouchers are no longer accepted, find myself obliged to apply for an electronic tag.

The situation is that I am partially sighted and am therefore not permitted to drive myself, In the past. I have bought vouchers, carried them with me and, when someone is kind enough to give me a lift using the ferry or the bridge, I am able to pay my way.

I now find that in order to have a "tag" I have to register a vehicle, which, for obvious reasons, I do not have.

Not making a tag available to persons with disabilities like myself (ie without a vehicle to register) may put you, the Joint Committee, in breach ofr the Disability Discrimination Act as failing to provide a service without discrimination to persons with disabilities. I hope that this will be addressed with utmost urgency.

In addition to the above point, I find myself concerned about the personal information such as my name, telephone number and address that is being demanded in order to obtain a "tag". I do not understand what possible legitimate use this information could be put to. I do not wish to receive any marketing, I am content to take responsibility for topping up my own "tag" in cash without receiving written or telephoned reminders. I also do not wish to be constantly tracked as I move around the country on my own legitimate business. The only thing that the bridge and ferry operator should be concerned with is whether I have paid my fare. I am unaware of any requirement, yet, in law under which passengers on public transport are obliged to reveal their identities or personal information as a matter of course.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

I'll keep you informed, this could be fun.


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