Sunday, April 06, 2008

Only in Millbrook

Mrs The Millbrooker and I entertained last night; not a large gathering, more of a small and select one. Alright, we had Dong and Shazzerooneypoos around. I'd got it into my head that I wanted to cook up something a bit yummy, just because I can and because I haven't done so for quite a while.

In normal parts of the country, when going around to someone's pad for what could be thought of as a dinner party, it is considered customary to take along a little something. A bottle a something reasonable, perhaps? A bunch of flowers for the hostess, maybe?

Auntie Shazzerooneypoos, though, is Millbrook born and bred and understands that in this part of the world other gifts are often proffered:

Yep, a whacking great bunch or rhubarb (I don't think she was trying to make a comment about the normal level of conversation at Millbrooker Towers) and a bag of curly kale.

Now, in my 'umble (what?) opinion, the Millbrook way is superior by far to the what the rest of humanity might think of as "normal". We feed Shazzerooneypoos and Dong on yummy things; they provide a little something to restock our larder. And judging by the last lot of rhubarb supplied by the Little Green Fingered Lewis, we're in for a very delicious crumble very soon.

I'm pleased to say that my home made blue cheese pate went down well. Dong & Shazzerooneypoos took some home with them; I made enough to fuel a regiment of Ghurkas during a march over the high Himalaya. The roast venison was devoured in its entirety and pudding of hand prepped pink grapefruit parfait disappeared remarkably quickly.

This is something of a Dong & Shazzerooneypoos filled weekend. We bumped into them on Friday at the D&C and drank too much. Last night they came around as logged above and we drank too much. This afternoon (in about an hour as I write) I'll be heading to Dong's pad for our long awaited chess challenge in which I expect to be roundly beaten but not to drink too much, unless it's too much coffee. This evening is the weekly film club gathering, guess who are coming around? And guess what, I expect we might drink too much. Frankenkeith is likely to be here for that as well (the film is "El Violin", Frankenkeith, if you want to look it up before the viewing). And Monday is Auntie Shazzer's birthday; so we're meeting up again. You'll have cottoned on to the theme about drinking by now so I won't suggest that we might drink too much.

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OK - I did (But I won't tell you about it) Just prepare for questions on "neolatifundismo"