Saturday, April 05, 2008

It's that once a year day

Ok, ok, I'm a sucker. Once a year I look up my old emails to find the dusty account details for Ladbrokes and give them a donation for their poor directors' bonuses and shareholders' dividends.

In past years I've managed to persuade assorted family members to part with some their pennies in pursuit of horsey-racing gold. Even "short-arms-long-pockets" Rob has been known to get caught up in the fever that completely fails to take over Millbrooker Towers on National day and put a fifty pence each way bet on some donkey being offered up at enticing odds.

I think I've talked Mrs The Millbrooker into an outing to the D&C at four o'clock to watch our money disappear quicker than you can say "bloodyhellwhatawasteofmoolah".

Just for the record, if you're not having a bet yourself, but are going to watch or listen to the race, keep your fingers crossed for any of the following. If just one of them (except Slim Pickings)finishes in the top four we'll at least have broken even. In the unlikely event that one of them wins, I'll be enjoying an extra pint.

My choices:
L'ami at 40/1
Joaaci at 100/1 (you never know)
Slim Pickings at 12/1 (this one's a win only bet...ah well)
Mrs The Millbrooker's choices:
Kelami at 50/1
Philson Run at 33/1

If you are having a punt yourself, good luck to you as long as you're backing the same ones as we are (may your geegees fall at the first, unhurt of course, if you're backing different ones).

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