Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shazzerooneypoos has a surprise

The Millbrook glitterati were out in force yesterday to sneak into Auntie Sharon's brightly decorated abode at Dong's invitation so that the small Lewis was greeted upon her homecoming by a select throng of the great and good(ish) wishing her a happy birthday.

The birthday girl is seen above brandishing a present she had recently received from her parents who have lavished much loving thought into giving her an excitingly coloured dustpan and brush. I know, I know; trust me Shazzerooneypoos really likes this sort of stuff. If you want to see the famous cheesy grin of the original Millbrook "it" girl, simply ply her with a decent white wine and offer a gift of something shiny or bright (or both) in pink or purple (or both).

Also in the photo above is the lesser spotted Russell, rarely seen outside of his nesting site at the D&C, who sadly had to leave the party before it had really got going because he was feeling poorly; sod's law on his one night off in the week. Hope you're felling better, Russell. The equally rarely spotted Mark was there too and enjoyed a couple of glasses with us before heading off to minister to the suffering small Welshman.

A fine spread of Thai thingies was laid out before us and didn't last long under the determined onslaught of two hungry Wood people:
The mussels in chilli were particularly good for those of us who like ring-stingingly hot munchies (I asked Mrs The Millbrooker to put some loo roll in the 'fridge ready for this morning's aftermath). The rest of the provender was also very yummy indeed, but it's the mussels that have left the longest lasting impression with me.

Once the food had been demolished (not only by Dong and Alex, in fairness) and a few glasses of falling over juice had been gargled and gulped we set off for the D&C and ended the evening with some good jazz sounds from The Tony Harris Band and a couple of well kept ales. More of the glitterati were in evidence at the pub, including the never-before-featured-on-the-Daily(ish)-Millbrook Jedders, seen here with his big sis (who was delighted to be mistaken for his little sis):

Tony Harris and his crew obligingly played "Happy Birthday" and I got to explain the system of calculating your age which means you never get to reach the age of responsibility. All you need to do is add the two figures of your actual, Earth Years, age together. So in Shazzerooneypoos' case, we add 4 and 7 to make 11. Then, if there are two figures to the result (as in this example), you add them together as well, so 1 + 1 = 2. This gives us Auntie Sharon's current age as 2. Using this simple system you can never be older than 9 and never have to take responsibility for anything. It's worked for me for years.

The credits for the evening:

Sneaky organisation of household, crockery, drinks etc at Shazzer's pad...Liability Meeson.
Sneaky organisation of rent-a-crowd Millbrook residents and sponsoring the provender...Dong
Sneaky food carrier...Alex
Members of the cast...Me, Mrs The Millbrooker, Richie "comb-Over"Meeson, The Sump,
Mrs The Sump, Senna, Chrissie and Kevin, Jedders, Russell and Mark.
Thanks to everyone; hope you enjoyed yourself, Shazzerooneypoos.
There's all the photos that Mrs The Millbrooker or I took on the evening on the "complete photosets" link in the right hand column of this site.

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