Friday, April 11, 2008

Great Grandpa visits

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have been playing host to her ex-father-in-law, Charles, for a few days.

What with having to work at the same time as been mein host, these drivellings have been a bit thin on the ground for a couple of days; hey ho.

Charles may become a more frequent visitor to these shores as he is in the very early stages of buying himself a Cornish abode; the intention being to up sticks from the far-flung corner of Suffolk that he currently inhabits. He's a fine gentleman who has been known to enjoy a pint of two, so should you spot him around these parts - do give him a cheery "hello".

To aid recognition for inexperienced Charles spotters, here's the man himself a while back (I didn't take any photos during this visit) enjoying a pint in the beer garden of the Mark of Friendship. Distinguishing marks include being eighteen feet tall and sporting a the figure of a well toned racing snake.

Charles is off meeting young Reuben and doubtlessly explaining to the little fellow all about Great Grandpas and their ilk. He's off again later today for Nigel's (that's his son and Mrs The Millbrooker's ex, do keep up) half centenary celebrations somewhere near Ashburton and thence back to mysterious eastern parts, so you've missed him this time (with the honourable exceptions of The Sump and Mrs The Sump who met him at curry night on Tuesday).

Bon voyage, Charles; a bientot.

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