Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ain't they got barbers where you come from, boy?

Piers "Tea-Time" Taylor has, for longer than many of us care to remember, cultivated the image of hairy, snow-boarding, hippydom, his middle-aged-man shoulder length coiffure often flailing in the winds that blow around Tregonhawke Cliff where he makes his home.

Up until very recently Mr Tea-Time looked much like the headline shot, taken last year.

On Thursday, there was a knock on the door of Millbrooker Towers as I was prepping a meal of Rame Originals. The silhouette on the doorstep didn't look at all familiar; I thought it belonged to one of Rob's cronies coming around to borrow a skate-board or to indulge in some nodding-to-music in his pit.

How wrong I was.

Piers "Tea-Time" Taylor had turned up (at tea time, you'll note) to deliver an emergency supply of anti-oxidant (so that's chocolate, then) as a recover-from-your-operation present to Mrs The Millbrooker. Very welcome, too.

The hot news, as you will have guessed by now, is that the back-tickling strands of yore are no more; Piers "Tea-Time" Taylor is now a clean cut and well groomed fellow having become acquainted with some barbering equipment, presumably on purpose.

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