Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rame Originals: The Third Batch

The sausage maker was grinding and spurting away last Thursday as the third batch of Rame Original Sausages were forced into their casings.

This lot are the best yet, you'll be pleased to hear. Practice making perfect and all that.

We sampled the Pork and Apple Originals on Friday evening and they were very very yummy, if I say so myself. The secret seems to be in getting the right mix of crumb to meat and not being afraid to add a bit more fat; this time time I used only belly pork (instead of a mix of belly and leg) and added a touch of lard. The result is going down a treat. The serving suggestion below shows Pork and Apple Originals served with cumin dusted potato wedges, honey glazed butternut squash and microwaved frozen peas.
This batch might not last long.

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