Monday, May 12, 2008

Cousin Dave's Work Is On Show

There's an art exhibition at The Old Chapel Gallery, Saltram showing works by the most promising of the current crop of new artists just breaking through in Plymouth and the area.

Most importantly for The Millbrooker clan and his thousands of adoring fans (OK, Liability Meeson and Shazzerooneypoos) Cousin Dave has been chosen to exhibit some works.

The photo above shows the poster for the event. Just in case it's not easily readable, the exhibition started on the 3rd May and will continue until Sunday 01st June.

I highly recommend that art lovers make their way to Saltram and its Old Chapel Gallery to feast their eyes (and empty their wallets) on some excellent pieces from the next generation of fine artists.

Buy Cousin Dave's stuff now while you can still afford it; I have a feeling it's going to get mightily expensive in years to come!

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