Monday, May 12, 2008

Forbidden Fruit Turns Out To Be Yummy

It's at least ten years since I ate an apple. I'm not fruit-o-phobic or anything; I'm pretty good at eating good healthy stuff and downing my government recommended five portions on most days.
It's just I haven't really liked apples for the majority of my adult life.

Yesterday saw me being served up with a moderately over-priced but quite yummy mixed cheese ploughman's which came complete with shiny Braeburn.

I reckon that it's a good thing to revisit foods that you've abandoned eating every once in a while, just to see if you made the right decision.

Mrs The Millbrooker was sufficiently astonished that I was actually going to eat the serpent's juicy bauble, having never done so in her presence before, that I had to wait until the camera was poised to capture the fateful moment. The resultant shot is the one above.

I'm pleased to report that whilst I won't be going out of my way to chomp down on a myriad such fruit, I also won't be avoiding them in quite the way that I have done in the past.

Perhaps it's time to revisit celery. On the other hand, celery is undoubtedly still a horrid putrid thing of no benefit to man nor beast.


BathNick said...

Just passing. Had to say that the wonderful Celery is an essential for a good vegetable stock. It's not bad cut Julienne style and gently cooked with Carrot is excellent served with roast meat and of course the stock goes to the gravy. Enjoy.

Dong said...

A bit like courgette's then

MrsTheMillbrooker said...

Dong appears to be genetically linked to greengrocers - or should that be 'greengrocer's'?

dong said...

I am with bathnick on this one - his cooking skills seem sound.

I like celery raw with either salt or cheese - note to Joshua, in theory you will use up more calories eating than in ingesting.

Note to Mrsthemillbrooker, desist from mucking about with your foundations when the cement is still wet - temples need continued maintenance. Let the greengrocer obsession go - just let it go!