Friday, May 30, 2008

How do people find me?

One of the interesting ways in which I like to waste my time is looking at the viewing stats for this blog.

The counter on the right shows how many hits since November 2006. I'm pretty pleased with the total - it's a lot more than I thought I'd get at the start.

What I can also do, though, is look behind the counter to see what people are searching for on Google which leads them to these pages.

I had a hit today in which the search words were "rape outside Millbrook tower". If you Google those words, these pages are the first in the search results; a single click then brings you to my posting back in April about a film club night. I have to guess that the surfer in question wasn't actually looking for The Daily(ish) Millbrook and was searching for something a bit heavier, but he or she clicked and had a look just the same.

The power of the internet. Strange.

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