Friday, May 30, 2008

YarMatt in Dishonourable Scrabble Tactic Shocker

Mrs The Millbrooker and I can be quite competitive Scrabble players when the mood takes us; we both know most of the two letter words that tend to win any given game. We're acquainted with the words that begin with Q but don't require a U. We know that the word XU is perfectly legitimate (it's a unit of Vietnamese currency), and that placed correctly adjacent to a carelessly positioned U, it can be a game winner. We know lots of other ones, too, but if I let you lot know them as well we'll have no advantage should we ever play against you.

It would seem that in a slightly different way YarMatt is a devious Scrabbler as well.

We learned last night that he and Dozybean have been disagreeing to the extent of laying a wager between themselves. The wager will decide who pays for a meal out for two.

YarMatt laid the word DROID and Dozybean challenged him on the grounds that it's not a word. They don't have a comprehensive enough dictionary, so the dispute began.

Dozybean stayed with us last night as YarMatt was working stupid o'clock shifts and, naturally, she consulted the experts on this difficult marital problem.

He claimed that it means "robot", and so it might be recognised in movie actor speech or something similar. But it's an abbreviation of the word ANDROID.

Abbreviations are specifically not allowed in Scrabble, so Yarmatt loses on that one.

What's more, it's not even a recognised abbreviation according to Chambers' dictionary (which is the official Scrabble dictionary). That makes it slang at best and at worst not even officially a word. So he loses on that measure, too.

That's one slap up meal out for Dozybean, then, and a side order of ham egg and chips twice for Mrs The Millbrooker and me as commission.

Here's YarMatt during a heated game of Scrabble arguing that his laying all seven letters to spell BLURGFY counts because it's highly meaningful in Wriggly Baby noises and should therefore be allowed. Or something.
Interestingly, just to muddy the waters, when I spell checked this posting DROID was passed as a correct spelling. Damned American spell checkers. Harrumph.

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