Friday, May 16, 2008

Night night, little cat

The saga of the lost Trevelyan, our small ginger cat, has a sad ending.

She was found by one of our good neighbours (luckily we don't have any other kind) underneath his shed where she had died a while before.

She was an endearing little creature; a genuine lap cat if she took to you. As far as cats can actually know or show emotion she loved Mrs The Millbrooker very much indeed, spending as much time as possible of an evening on "favourite lap", purring very loudly whilst kneading the nearest arm and quietly dribbling as cats do.

Thank you to everyone who looked out for her while she was missing, to the people who kindly phoned with reported sightings or called to Millbrooker Towers with similar news. Thank you also to all those who diligently searched their outbuildings but didn't find anything, you efforts are much appreciated.

Cheerio, small ginger cat: Millbrooker Towers won't be quite the same without you.

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