Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An afternoon in Duloe

Yesterday saw the sunshine tempting the Millbrooker clan out to Duloe to visit Rosemary at her countryside abode; Harry turned up in time for a bite of the fresh pollack pie for which he'd supplied the pollack from a fishing expedition the day before. Very tasty it was too.

As can be seen from the headline shot, Reuben was there too, so naturally Rosemary also had the pleasure of Dozybean and YarMatt's company. Mrs The Millbrooker's headgear is actually Harry's; he plonked it on her head as he greeted young Reuben who was being quietly burped at the time.

During the veritable feast of fishy things, I was allowed to show off my sublime talent for disposing of red liquids. Other members of the lunch party showed off their sublime talents for pointing at things. YarMatt is half out of shot, but he was pointing away like a good'un.

This was actually some exercise or other that Harry was using to demonstrate left or right handedness (or eye-edness) which is used when being fitted for a shotgun by the best gun makers. Quite why this pointing craze swept the dining table in such all encompassing fashion is beyond me, but sweep the dining table it most certainly did. No one decided on the strength of the pointing that they had any urgent requirement for a shotgun.

After lunch we took a gentle pootle around some of the lanes surrounding Duloe and were delighted to find native bluebells in fine profusion.
Here's the whole party of trekkers; Harry, you'll note is missing. He stayed home for nap claiming that the last walk Rosemary took him on nearly did for him. Poor old fellow.

Seen above form L-R: Deputy Dawg, Mrs The Millbrooker, Dozybean in fetching floppy hat from Sainsburys, YarMatt on chariot duty and Rosemary.

We said our goodbyes all too early as yours truly is suffering through a whole week of stupid o'clock shifts and had to be in bed by eight. And again tonight. Boo.

Here's one last photo: Harry and Rosemary at her door. They asked me to take this one as they don't have all that many "couple" shots despite several years of mutual bickering.

Thanks for the lunch, Rosemary. Thanks for the fish that were in the lunch, Harry. We had a smashing time.

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