Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who was out and about on Black Prince Day?

Readers of moderately long standing might remember that Mrs The Millbrooker and I paid a surprise visit to South Molton to visit Ellie, my long-lost step-daughter from marriage number one.

When we were up there we asked Ellie if she and her other half Ramzi and son Zaki fancied coming down for Black Prince Day. Well, they did. That's them in the headline shot, but Zaki's not showing his face, so here he is in all his ice cream covered glory: After a ten year gap it's a real delight for me to have re-established contact with Ellie; turns out Ramzi's damned good company too. I managed to introduce them to one or two of the usual suspects as we watched the festivities, yep here's our own Dong and Shazzerooneypoos:

They also got to meet Liability Meeson who was being very well behaved (how disappointing).

Amongst the revellers was young Reuben, accompanied by Dozybean and YarMatt, celebrating his first Black Prince Day. Auntie Sharon got her first hold of the small fellow outside the D&C during the morning session of frolicking with melodeons.

Richie "Comb-Over" Meeson was in evidence as well, along with Mr and Mrs The Sump. Rather happily Richie failed to respond to his own name, but turned around immediately on being hailed as "oi, comb-over". Who said etiquette and the polite society was dead in Millbrook? Frankenkeith was spotted fleetingly in Cawsand, but we failed to make contact through the crowds.

Once the Black Prince celebration itself was done and dusted Ellie, Ramzi and Zaki wound their way with YarMatt and me back to Millbrooker Towers for a cuppa before we headed off to the play park to try and get Zaki to wear himself out. Four year olds do seem to have boundless energy.

Dozybean and YarMatt followed on, and I'm desperately waiting for the photo YarMatt took of Ellie and Dozy sitting in the play tractor discussing motherly things and bits of graffiti.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the day a great one for me (so that's pretty much everyone then).

Now it's the countdown to Bastille Day. Huzzah!

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