Sunday, June 29, 2008

Been away....back now

There's been a dearth of postings for the last few days, but we've returned to the civilized lands of Millbrook so it'll be business as usual for a while now.

Those who were at Mrs The Millbrooker's birthday bash will recall that Milly had to be whisked away pronto by the heroic Depitty Dawg because Trickers (that's Milly's other half, do keep up) was taken ill back in her home town of Bath.

This weekend just gone, Mrs The Millbrooker and I took the iron horse northwards to stay at Milly and Trickers' Solsbury Hillside eyrie and talk nonsense with the poorly one whilst having a minor second celebration for the much famed 50th.

An immediate apology to BathNick: sorry, mate, we really didn't get time to split from family stuff to enjoy a pint or two with you. I'll do my best next time we're in your neck of the woods.

In classic fashion I neglected to take my camera; luckily Mrs The Millbrooker had her pocket sized version in her handbag, so at least a couple of shots got taken at the dinner we had at The Crown in Bathford.

Above from L-R Milly, yours truly and Trickers. Mrs The Millbrooker was behind the lens.

Milly very kindly sponsored the outing in honour of Mrs The Millbrooker's birthday (it's amazing how long you can extend a 50th celebration) and The Crown's kitchen very kindly supplied us with rather cool blue Fillets Rossini (seen in the shot above). Not to be downhearted about such things we enjoyed the fine company and a couple of pints of very nicely kept Moles ale (they also do Bath Gem and London Pride).

News of Trickers' health for his legion of admirers is that he's had a pacemaker fitted since last Saturday (that's the 21st) and is having assorted medications adjusted or replaced experimentally until the educated guesswork that is the noble art of medicine can get it about right. He's not as well as he (or indeed anyone else) would like, but he's better than he was and the longer term prospects are looking good.

Celebrating this fact was another decent enough reason for having a bit of a nosh. Mrs The Millbrooker and Milly are seen below enjoying the finale of Milly's dinner time joke recital:

Coming soon later this week: Mrs The Millbrooker and my debut on a tandem; teaching English solo and without a safety net for the first time; Gigspanner; lots more nonsense and probably at least one annoyed posting about the interminably awful governance of our country. Watch this space...

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