Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aussie Mates

Quite a long while ago I wrote a posting about our Antipodean friends who've moved to Brittany from the paradise of Lord Howe Island in the Pacific.

Lord Howe Island being sunny, surrounded by blue seas, white know the sort of thing. Compare and contrast with their current abode in Mael-Carhaix which is a smashing little town in central Brittany noted for its lack of constant sunshine (although there is the odd sunny day), its lack of blue seas (although it does have a Jardin d'Eau with ducks on the lake) and its more conventional yellow sanded man-made beach by the lake side.

Jill and Rod (for it is they) have been Brittany dwellers for about a year now and we bumped into them again during our recent sojourn. It was "hail fellow, well met" in Bar la Forge as Jill walked into a series of double-entendres which I won't go into on a family blogsite. Oh, alright then, she said all sorts of things she shouldn't have which related to the corned beef joke (see below).

Jill being Antipodean by leaning, and about as far from a shrinking violet as it's possible to get, invited herself, and by default Rod as well, along on our last night meal out at La Rotonde where a jolly good time was had by all guzzling the excellent and very well priced fare offered by our joint favourite restaurant in Carhaix. Here's Jill, yours truly and Rod about to tuck into yummy things:
As they left our little house in Trebrivan after a late night tawny port to help the food go down (Rod still being very sober due to it being his turn behind the wheel), they vowed to try another of my favourite eateries. So by way of telling them where it is...

Creperie la Meloine, Place de Viarmes, Morlaix serves the most scrummy petoncles et frites this side of Lord Howe Island: The restaurant looks like this:

And is found here:
Jill and Rod are heading back to Oz soon to make sure that they get some sunshine during the winter months; the Breton winters can be a bit cold and damp. So we wish them bon voyage and hope to see them again at Bar la Forge and for another slap up feed next time we coincide en Bretagne. Do try the petoncles in Morlaix before you go, guys - they're lovely.


To explain the earlier remark about corned beef....

The Corned Beef Joke, as told by The Millbrooker-Sis to Milly on their first meeting:

What's the difference between a corned beef sandwich and oral sex?
I don't know...
Fancy coming out for a picnic?

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