Sunday, June 22, 2008

A bit about Mrs The Millbrooker's birthday bash

I'm not going to fill this posting with loads of photos. Even if we only take into account the ones that Mrs The Millbrooker and I took of her momentous birthday we could fill the hard drive of the steam driven lump of plastic upon which I write this rubbish, so a goodly selection are available on the complete photosets link on the right.

An excellent reminder of the excitement of the afternoon can also be found on youtube at; it's well worth clicking this link to see how Dong thoroughly enjoyed himself at around four o'clock-ish.

Lots of people got together to help make it a very special day for the birthday girl; Milly travelled from Bath by rail; Wizzers and Wogan made an epic journey from Wiltshire where they'd treated Elin (Wizzers' grandma) to a birthday meal; Dozybean, YarMatt and Wriggly Baby broke from their stay in the darkest jungles of northern Cornwall to drive up-country to Millbrook; The Millbrooker-Sis and her man, Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed, drove from their small hovel in Malvern accompanied by my niece Georgie and her squeeze, Ian.

Apart from the long distance trekkers, Auntie Shazzerooneypoos played host so we didn't have to spend ages cleaning and polishing in the building site that is Millbrooker Towers; allowing us to invade her decking in the rain and her living space which was considerably drier. She scrubbed and tidied and arranged chairs and drinks and all the other things that are required to supply a great setting for a "do". Here's the heroine of the summer solstice looking very pleased with her purchase of an original sculpture by Cousin Dave.Eternal gratitude is also owed to Cousin Dave for sorting out my present to Mrs The Millbrooker; to Russell and Mark at the D&C for supplying a terrific buffet and for putting up with a hoard of us for the evening (ok, it's their job, but they do it soooo well); to Depitty Dawg who drove his Nana (Milly) all the way back to Bath after a call from Trickers who is in poor health and then made it back in time for pudding at the D&C; to all those who helped with lifting, carrying, grunting, burping or generally falling about.

To all those who were there - we really hope you enjoyed yourselves; if I haven't given you a name check, my apologies, but your presence was hugely appreciated. To anyone who wasn't - this posting will have been appallingly boring as will the photos be. But you can still look anyway if you're feeling nosey.

Mrs The Millbrooker has said she had a great time which is what it was all about.

There is now a small mountain of left over buffet at Millbrooker Towers which will be put to use in sandwich boxes for the next couple of decades. A minor tarn of left over booze (yes, really) will be put to good use on Bastille Day.'s film club tonight, I think the nibbles might consist of delicately cut sandwiches and mini-meatloaves. Yummy.

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BathNick said...

Love and best wishes to the 'Birthday Girl'. I hope the card arrived in time. Way Hay Man - I hit your counter at 7000, do I get a prize :) Cheers to all.