Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Great Gig Day is Approaching

A wee reminder to anyone who I've not yet bullied into buying tickets for the imminent event-of-the-year at Kingsand Hall. The gig is only ten days away, so you need tickets and you need them now.


04th (that's when the Daily(ish) Milbrook mob is going) and 05th July

Kingsand Village Hall

Last year's gig was a stormin' affair with the three master musicians giving it their all for the benefit of Millbrookians and lesser mortals alike. We're a very lucky peninsula population to get music makers of this calibre playing at such small venues and so close to home; you don't want to miss out.Another wee reminder to the one or two who still have what we on the railway call "outstandings" for their ticket purchases, your contribution to reinvigorating the Millbrooker Towers accounts will be much appreciated.

Meeting up arrangements haven't been made yet, but suggest The Riser a while before before curtain up - any takers?

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