Saturday, August 30, 2008

Au revoir et merci pour tous les poisson... (badly) translate the late great Douglas Adams.

Today is embarkation day, as Mrs The Millbrooker and I head for the beautiful hills of northern Brittany for a well earned and almost afforded ten days of tramping through muddy footpaths in pursuit of fresh viewpoints and birds we haven't spotted yet.

Milly and Trickers will be staying a short drive away from our Breton hideaway so quite a bit of our sojourn will be spent with them, exploring new places and showing off some of our old favourites.

So this means no new postings for a while; our holiday home doesn't have a telephone line let alone an internet connection.

Tomorrow morning we'll be enjoying the view from the patio, munching on pain au chocolat from the local boulangerie and contemplating a trip to get supplies for the days ahead.

We're due back in the country in the middle of the week after next when you can look forward to endless drivelling about what I did on my holidays.

Until then, thanks for reading. A la prochaine.


I've experimented recently with putting hyperlinks in the text of my postings, but I've decided that I don't like it one bit. Breaks up the flow in my 'umble.

So I'm going to try putting a link or two at the bottom of posts to see if that works better.

Links for this post:

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There's loads of Douglas Adams stuff on the official website: click here.

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