Friday, August 29, 2008

Exciting News, Music Fans

I've just had an email from Peter Knight and Deborah of Gigspanner fame. That's Peter in the headline shot on the right. The chap blowing hard down a bent tube on the left is Trevor Watts, jazz saxophonist extraordinaire.

Peter's got a new CD out which with Trevor; I've not heard it yet but I can't wait. I'm informed that it's at the "challenging" end of Peter's musical spectrum. Right up my street, then.

The duo are playing an improvisation later this year at the South Bank Centre in London. The gig's on the 14th October and you can buy tickets (very reasonably priced at £12 a pop) by clicking here.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have already secured our seats and will be travelling to the big city that frightens wee Millbrookians like us with its noise and bustle to enjoy the sounds that the master fiddle player and great saxophonist can put together for us.

If you're not going yourself, you'll read all about it here come October. I do, however, recommend making the trip if free improvisational music is your bag. These guys are amongst the best in the business.

More news. The Gigspanner date for 2009 in Kingsand has now been confirmed as the 19th June. So clear your diaries. Once tickets are available for sale you can expect the usual haranguing from me about how you need to buy them and how much you'll enjoy the show.

Right I'm off for an evening with Lucy Lowe and thatb*astardherfather amongst others in which Mrs The Millbrooker and I will celebrate the end of a very long stint of shift work at the railway for me and hour upon hour of admin work for her. It's the beginning of ten days of holiday. Huzzah!

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