Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bern the Lens is at it again

I get an email from the newly retired Bern the Lens a couple of times a week. In each and every one of them he gleefully recommends life after retirement, comparing the stresses and strains of dealing with the public and the management on the railway with having the time to just sit and enjoy his surroundings.

Being Bern the Lens, of course, it's not just sitting around; he's always got his camera at the ready.

He's just sent me this one of his afternoon at The Pimple on Whitchurch Down, taken at almost exactly the time when the traditional tea-time queue would be building up at Plymouth station, and things are starting to get fraught.
It doesn't do to wish your life away, but it does look like a pretty decent shift in lifestyle to me.

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