Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Depitty Dawg Leaves His Teen Years

Yesterday saw Depitty Dawg turn twenty and we marked the occasion in the traditional manner by eating large quantities of Russell's yummy offerings at the D&C. Last night was curry and a pint night, so there's no prizes for guessing what we stuffed ourselves with. It must be said that Russell serves up a very good curry indeed.

In the headline shot, we see Depitty Dawg displaying a present from his always thoughtful sis, Dozybean. But what is it she gave him?...
Yep, it's his very own imaginary friend. An empty blister pack and some cardboard. How I wish I'd thought of that as a marketing idea..manufacturing costs,almost nil; research and development, nil; distribution costs, negligible; percentage mark up, enormous. And it's rather funny, too.

Mrs The Millbrooker made a cake, which the D&C mob kindly stored in the kitchen until the appropriate moment. Sadly, the shot I got of the cake being brought out with candles lit didn't work out (one too many pints, I expect), but here's one of some completely unrelated fellow diners joining in with "Happy Birthday". The chap nearest the camera is Mike Collins, but I don't know anyone else's name in this shot:
Depitty Dawg did his usual disappearing act shortly after shovelling a large and delicious apple pie portion down his neck for pudding; I think he went to watch the fireworks over the Sound with his mates.

Just as a sign off - here's Wriggly Baby being fascinated by his Uncle Bob's (empty) bottle of pear cider, just because it's cute. So, Happy Birthday for yesterday to DD.

A quick catchup, the parachute jump hasn't happened yet due to the dreadful weather we've been suffering. Depitty Dawg has done the training and is just waiting for a gap in the weather so he can fling himself earthwards from a great height in the name of charity. You'll hear all about it here once the great event has taken place!

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