Friday, August 08, 2008

Depitty Dawg's Day of Reckoning...

Tomorrow is the big day for Depitty Dawg as he takes to the skies and then plummets groundwards in aid of Breast Cancer Research.
The adventurous young pup has signed up to leap from lots of feet up in the air on an "accelerated freefall" program in return for plenty of good people parting with their hard-earned for the most excellent cause.

In my book any form of cancer research and cancer charity is just about the most important sort of giving one can do. Having lost my mum to the "silent killer" of ovarian cancer just a decade ago and Mrs The Millbrooker losing her dad far more recently to lung cancer, this dreadful disease is one we'd love to see eradicated in our lifetimes. The good people who spend their working days toiling towards this goal need every penny we can raise.

So we're right behind young Depitty as he pushes himself to raise money for a truly admirable cause.

If you can help, even in a small way, with a donation of sponsorship pennies we and Depitty will be very grateful indeed. The easiest way to contribute is to follow the link here:

The website he's set up is currently showing £420 raised; there's more in the pot than that from generous sponsors who are passing over their coppers in person, but he needs more still. Please, if you can, click on the link and donate a few quid. Thank you.

As he's been away for a while, here's a shot of Depitty Dawg just to remind readers of what he looks like whilst still (mostly) intact and not remotely squashed by g-forces:

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Anonymous said...

That's him un-squashed? Oh, dear.

DB. x