Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gay and the Tall Boy

No, this isn't about an obscure gender-bending rock band, it's about our next door neighbour.

I've mentioned our lovely neighbours before. This minor posting is about Gay who lives next to Millbrooker Towers and kindly puts up with all sorts of nonsense involving adolescents' motorbikes. Not to mention Mrs The Millbrooker and me clambering on her garden wall to reach some of the trickier parts of our shed when it comes to timber maintenance time.

We've just come from Gay's pad bearing the gift of a tallboy wardrobe; very nice piece of kit it is, too.

Here's the petite wardrobe donor putting her best foot forward just before we humped her furniture downstairs and into Millbrooker Towers prior to its transportation to a permanent home in Brittany within Le Bout de Sac.

Until now (well until Saturday, actually), Le Bout de Sac has been devoid of a proper wardrobe so Gay's beneficence has filled a gap that's needed filling for about seven years.

I don't think Gay does computers, so she'll quite likely never see this, but here's a big thank you to her anyway. One bottle of white pineau will be presented by a grateful Mrs The Millbrooker and me upon our return from France...

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