Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Daily(ish) Millbrook is Read in France

Many many moons ago I posted about a great evening out that we enjoyed with our Aussie mates Rod and Jill who live (part time) in Brittany. You can read that ancient posting here.

Since then I've spotted several hits from France which seem to have found the blog by searching for the Creperie la Meloine which Mrs The Millbrooker and I have enjoyed visiting on several occasions for my favourite pectoncles with frites. Not to mention the scrummy cider they serve:

It would seem that someone, somewhere, has sent a link for the old post to the creperie which gets a bit of a write up therein. Today I got this comment sent:

"hello !!! It's the "creperie la méloine" in morlaix !

we are very enjoy to see that you like the petoncle and ours creperie !!! if you come back to morlaix we will offer to you a glass for you and your friends for your sympathique appréciation about the restaurant . excuse me for my english wich it is not good !marie , andré et élise.

thank you very mutch"

I have replied in my appalling French:
"Pardon mais mon Francais et tres pauvre.

Merci pour le "comment" sur "The Daily(ish) MIllbrook". Nous arriverons en Bretagne la semaine prochaine pour un petit vacance; nous visiterons Morlaix et nous mangerons bientot votres petoncles delicieux. Mardi, peut-etre?

Il n'y a pas les accents sur mon clavier!

A bientot.
The Millbrooker

So - The Daily(ish) Millbrook is hereby declared truly international and cosmopolitan. Needless to say Mrs The Millbrooker and I have every intention of visiting the excellent Creperie la Meloine during our forthcoming sojourn in Brittany. I'm looking forward to a serving of the best petoncles I've ever tasted. We're planning to take Milly and Trickers; Wednesday probably (I should have said Mercredi in my email to them, but there you go).
Should anyone be passing through Morlaix and feel in need of a lunch stop, you'll find the creperie in Place de Viarmes and it looks like this and comes highly recommended by me:

Cheers - slurp. Hic.


Lucy Lowe said...

Wonderful. Can't wait for Sir to buy that flat there that he's been talking about forever.


Dong said...

Pas merde Sherlock!
Je prefer les moules!