Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A new name in the blogosphere

I just took a quick gander at the pages behind The Millbrook Hit Counter; I find it mildly diverting to find out how people find these drivellings.

A recent hit was referred from Hmmm - "intriguing", I thought to myself. This musing was followed swiftly by the thought "so...what's all this about?"

So, naturally enough, I clicked on the link to find a brand new blog (three posts old) which rather enjoyably describes one of the Daily(ish) Millbrook regular z-listers as "thatb*stardyourfather". This could be immensely enjoyable reading from Lucy Lowe, pictured.

There's a more-or-less permanent link on the right, just below the one to BathNick's blog.

Do have a peruse if you've got a minute or two...


Lucy Lowe said...

Thanks for the posting, I'm honoured! There will be many stories about 'yourfatherthatb*stard' so please visit often (just posted another in fact).

As soon as I work out how to add links I'll add yours too.

see you soon, we're down next week.

Anonymous said...

Referred to in polite circles as "Sir"