Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Helen & Andy Roadshow

It's almost exactly a year since these pages featured my ex-boss Helen and her other half Andy. This is because it's almost exactly a year since they were last in these parts on their pilgrimage to St Germans for a cricket match or two. Unbelievably, they actually choose to camp at the cricket ground when there are umpteen decent B&Bs within a few hundred yards and a very comfortable Millbrooker Towers just down the road. There's nowt so queer as folk, eh?

I'm told that the cricket didn't happen due to a plethora of ducks swimming on the outfield - ah, that wonderful Cornish weather at its best.I mentioned last year that Helen is the only former boss of mine with whom I remain friendly; that's probably because I'm one of those bolshy gits in the workplace who won't take any nonsense from those ostensibly in charge. I haven't actually fallen out with everyone who's ever had charge of my working life, but with enough of them to make a difference to the overall figures; most of them I just lose contact with because there's no reason to remain in touch.

Anyway - as is becoming traditional, Helen & Andy met up with us for a slap up feed. This time we frequented the D&C (oh, quelle surprise) to slurp down some of Russell's yummy fare.

Here's the four of us in an exceptionally artistic shot taken midway through the main course. Unusually Helen isn't licking her plate, but Andy's managed to give the photo plenty of atmosphere with brooding rock-star(ish) pose; looking a tad like Mark E Smith (The Fall) in my 'umble. The travelling duo were offered warm and dry accommodation at Millbrooker Towers, but inexplicably decided to return to their sodden belongings and the sound of rain beating down on nylon above their bonces. Did I mention that there's nowt so queer as folk, at all?

As always, Russell's cooking was well up the mark; Andy was fulsome in his praise of the chicken curry that he shovelled manfully down his gullet. I quote from an email just received from Helen: "...Andy spent the next couple of hours patting his tummy saying he was stuffed with a satiated expression on his face - as we sheltered from the rain in the pavillion!"

The annual catching-up with each others' news flew past all too quickly and we parted with oft repeated (and so far unacted-upon) promises of not waiting a whole year before getting together again. Well, you never know, Mrs The Millbrooker and I might just manage a quick run across to Bristol, where the cricketing dampsters come from, this year. If so, you'll have the undoubted pleasure of reading all about it here.

A quick word of thanks to Rob Page for taking the photo; he was also dining at the D&C with a small but select party at the table next to ours. Just in case anyone wants to find a decent photographer whilst dining out: just look out for this chap, he'll be pleased to oblige with his elegant camera work and engaging set of facial expressions:

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