Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cricketing News

During a quiet moment yesterday evening I took a look at the always fascinating Torpoint Journal, an organ of extreme literary merit and invariably the source of superb investigative journalism about someone making extra rock cakes to sell at a school fete.

Astonishingly, this edition did have something of exceptional interest (to cricket fans).

Goochie is coming to talk to us Rame Peninsula-ites.

Cricket fans will need no further information. For non-cricketing types, Graham Gooch was one of the most successful international batsmen of his generation. He famously scored 333 in England's first innings against India at Lords in 1990, and followed that outstanding feat with 123 in the second! He was quite capable of taking the odd wicket or two as well.

He was England's captain from 1988 to 1993 when he was succeeded by Michael Atherton, and now he's coming to share an evening with us at the St John Inn on October 24th.The St John Inn hasn't got around to printing tickets yet, but numbers will be strictly limited; so if you want to go along for a meal, talk by Goochie and other goodies call 01752 822280 - they'll tell you all the details.

Frankenkeith and yours truly will be going along; it's a reasonable guess that Dong will not be because he's a heathen who doesn't like cricket. I'd also guess that menfolk might outnumber womenfolk at the St John Inn on that night; Mrs The Millbrooker, for one, is giving this one a miss.

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