Friday, September 26, 2008

A Wriggly Little Fellow Visits

It's been a short while since I've wittered on about Wriggly Baby, so in the spirit of needlessly updating a bit a family history on the interweb...

Young Wrigglesworth is getting bigger and chubbier and likes to wriggle about even more than he did in earlier months. Dozybean and YarMatt were honoured guests at Millbrooker Towers a couple of nights ago; after chomping through some rather yummy honey-roast butternut squash with roasted cod for supper Yarmatt had fun dandling the little wriggler.
In the shot above, Wriggly Baby had just had his well-whiffy undercarriage dealt with and had discovered how much fun can be had waving one's trousers around in public; this is a trait that his ever attentive Dragon Lord will be encouraging at every opportune moment.

A little later Daddy YarMatt amused his progeny with an interesting selection of duck noises and waving, which can be viewed on a short video which I've kindly uploaded to YouTube so that YarMatt's colleagues in his brand new place of work can see just what they're dealing with. Wriggly Baby spends most of the video finding his daddy very funny. Which he was.

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