Monday, September 15, 2008

Depitty's Dawg House

Sunday saw Mrs the Millbrooker and me being passengers in our own car as young DD drove us to his new abode in Newquay. The little pinkish car was fully laden with his bed and mattress on the roof and plenty of his worldly possessions stuffed into unfathomable places around the boot area.
We arrived without mishap and managed to unload the mattress before the rain began plopping on us from a great height.

Depitty Dawg's student accommodation is everything that student accommodation should be. His room is possibly the smallest I've seen in some years; seen here is Mrs The Millbrooker, who is not large, taking up most of the available space (her back is less than a foot from the wall) and DD himself on the right peering in through his new bedroom door:So, that's the sum total of the Depitty's personal and private space for the immediate future.

Now to the kitchen. Does anyone remember the Young Ones? Seen below is DD himself covering his nose and hiding after opening one of the fridges which contained a plentiful supply of unidentifiable green stuff and something that quivered and moaned quietly to itself. I'm sure you can work out for yourselves why DD felt it necessary to cover his olfactory organ and scamper for cover.The fridge and freezer are tastefully decorated.

On the plus side, there's a large communal living area complete with pool table. I didn't take any photos in there though as it was occupied by all manner of young people doing their stuff and it didn't feel right to start snapping away at them.

After we'd humped his stuff upstairs, all three of us felt it was appropriate to head into town for a little light refreshment which was glugged appreciatively in Newquay's branch of Wetherspoon's. I know, I know, it's a godawful chain-pub with all the atmosphere of a drive-through MacDonalds but without the bonhomie and charm, but they do what they do pretty well and they sell proper hand pumped ale at very low prices.The Depitty has been back home again to Millbrooker Towers today for some proper food in an almost respectable kitchen. Hmmm.

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