Sunday, September 21, 2008

By The Way...

Last night as we lay abed pondering the state of the world, Mrs The Millbrooker and I had the pleasure of Robert Robinson's company through the magic of the wireless.

I've liked the Brain of Britain quiz show for many years and was pleased to hear the redoubtable Mr Robinson back in charge for the "Brain of Brains" tri-annual winners' contest.

We were both enormously impressed, however, by the eventual winner's name: Mr Mark Bytheway. Pronounced exactly as seen: By The Way...

We liked his name so much that we debated late into the evening about getting a deed poll document and changing our names to Owen Bytheway and Ann Bytheway. Have we been listening to too much Wogan?

Congratulations Mr Bytheway for being a clever clogs on the quiz show; may I recommend listening next week to the ultimate winners' quiz when he takes on the previous two "Brain of Brains" winners for the title of "Top Brain"?



Information about Brain of Britain, including how to enter the longest running quiz show in British broadcasting.

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