Thursday, September 18, 2008

Listen again

Now that I'm officially a radio mini-star (ok, I'll settle for minor asteroid somewhere in the region of Neptune), the new iLike site for the MP3s of the monthly broadcasts has attracted a huge audience. Of four.

For those four faithful (desperate? bored?) mouse clickers the latest episode of Simon Pauley and yours truly blethering on has been uploaded for your delectation. This one was broadcast this morning.

In case you were wondering, the photo above, apropos of pretty much nothing, is the one I've stuck onto the iLike site as a representation of how I think a a shining radio personality should appear to his devoted public. Of four.

So if you want a listen to the latest broadcast (or to catch up on the previous ones), click onto the The Millbrooker iLike site.

Happy listening, and thank you if you do; may I recommend a nice cup of tea and a biccie to accompany and enhance your listening pleasure...



Listen and/or learn about Insight Radio.

Catch up with Simon Pauley and my chats on The Millbrooker iLike site.

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