Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Quick Gigspanner Update

The groovy Gigspanner boys have sorted out the tickets and stuff for their forthcoming Kingsand appearance...

As always, I'll be doing lots of telling everyone how they really want to be at this gig; missing a Gigspanner gig when it's right on your doorstep should be considered certifiable.In the latest missive received here at Millbrooker Towers from The Knight's Castle is the link to enable lucky Millbrookians (and others from parishes of less renown) to acquire tickets.

The gig is on 22nd November at the Maker with Rame Community Hall and you can get tickets by clicking this link to the ticketing department of Peter Knight's website or by calling 07974 842950. Just as for the July gigs, the cost is a piffling £10 a pop plus a £1.50 P&P charge per order.
Posters and as much other publicity as can be raised will start appearing over the next couple of weeks or so; buy your tickets now before there's an unholy rush from the hoi-polloi hailing from outside of our cherished little village nearly-by-the-sea.
I mentioned before that the gig is part of a whole weekend's worth of Peter Knight-ery in the area; if you're a musician of more-or-less any level (although beginners are advised to think twice...) try reading the content about his masterclasses on this page of Peter's website; you might find the idea very exciting indeed. Aspirant instrument botherers will be taking part in the Gigspanner event on the Saturday night as part of the experience.
For anyone who is taking part in the masterclass and seeking accommodation I would personally recommend the B&B at Millbrook's most excellent watering hole, The Devon & Cornwall Inn. They've only got a couple of rooms but the food, ale and atmosphere can't be beaten; it's a mile and a bit from the Maker with Rame Community Hall where the masterclass is taking place (an easy walk or inexpensive cab ride from Cremyll Cabs on 01752 822196).

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