Friday, September 12, 2008


It won't take a great leap of imagination to work out that I'm rather fond of improvised music. As Cousin Dave once put it whilst I was perusing some Zappa CDs in what we used to call a record shop, I tend to like music that's been "taken apart and put back together the wrong way around". The Millbrooker-Sis once described The Koln Concert (Keith Jarrett's meisterwork of improvised piano, and one of my favourite pieces) as sounding like someone who was only just learning to play... ah, well, there's no accounting for taste.

This is not to suggest that Trevor Watts' and Peter Knight's release of their 1998 improv in London is made up of music that's the "wrong way around", but it is a challenging listen that richly rewards the listener. There is a far more knowledgeable review of the CD than I could possibly give on the Guardian's website. Click here to read the review.

People who know a bit about music and like to be made to feel engaged and drawn into an intimate relationship with a performance will adore his CD. It's music at its purest: two fellows who have practised their art for a lifetime - unrehearsed and blending their disparate styles to terrific effect. Fabulous.

I have been the lucky recipient of a copy of "Reunion" and those who know where Millbrooker Towers is are welcome to have a listen; some of you might find it being played to you anyway (film club veterans come prepared). I love it. Thank you Peter and Deborah, I really appreciate it. Mrs The Millbrooker loves it too.

The CD is available by using the link to Amazon on the right (you can get it from other places too, but I get a few pennies if you order through the link, and every penny counts). Just copy and paste the search words "Trevor Watts Reunion" into the box and click "go".

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