Friday, September 12, 2008

Petoncles and a Warm Welcome

Not all that long ago, shortly before Mrs The Millbrooker and I left these shores for the exotic rains of Brittany, I posted about receiving a comment from the owner(s) of my favourite eatery in Morlaix. (There's a link at the bottom of this post to the slightly older one to save your fingers the untold effort of scrolling down the page).

Anyway, on the Wednesday of our holiday Mrs The Millbrooker and I took Milly and Trickers for a slap up lunch of my favourite petoncles (that's little scallops cooked in a mariniere sauce and served in their shells). Trickers went for the moules; the womenfolk chose the omelette option.

The omelette option is always a good one at the Creperie la Meloine: Mrs The Millbrooker thinks they're lovely. Sadly she can't eat shellfish; the petoncles really shouldn't be missed if you can help it. I know that Dong champions the moules which are also delicious - but you can get moules everywhere. La Meloine is the only place I've found that does petoncles in central Morlaix at lunchtimes.

It's a strange thing, interweb notoriety. Madame la proprietaire spotted the big bloke with a white stick almost immediately (I think the chef had clocked us as well) and asked "vous sur l'internet?"; once I'd admitted my exalted status as custodian of this endless nonsense we were treated to special amuse-bouche on the house:

A round of aperitifs followed, also supplied by our generous host. Photos were posed for and finally I got to tuck into my favourite luncheon in all of France. Here's yours truly with Madame just prior to my diving headlong into the yummy bivalves:
Mrs The Millbrooker and I are unlikely to make it back to Brittany this year, so that's probably my last dish of petoncles for a while. In the words of Big Arnie, however, I'll be back.
If anyone reading this makes it to Morlaix around lunch time, do head for the Creperie la Meloine. You won't be disappointed - do try the petoncles.
Merci beaucoup to Marie , Andre and Elise. We had a great time.
To read the comment from The Creperie la Meloine click here.
The restaurant is at
3 PLACE DE VIARMES - 29600 Morlaix.
Tèl :
They don't really do English, so you'll need a smattering of French and a willing smile - go on, you know you want to.

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